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Sindbad School of Sailing

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VHF Marine - Restricted Operator's Certificate (MARITIME) - ROC(M)

.VHF - Marine ROC(M) with DSC Endorsement - Maritime Radio Is a must for boaters who want to operate a radio. In Canada anyone who uses a VHF radio is required by law to be certified in order to use a VHF or other marine radio transmitter. VHF Operators must follow the procedures described in the VHF Radiotelephone Practices and Procedures Regulations. Currently, all Marine VHF radio operators are required to have a Restricted Operator's Certificate (ROC) with maritime qualifications issued by an accredited agency under the authority of Industry Canada - Spectrum Management, a department of the Government of Canada.

The VHF radio is your lifeline in an emergency or distress situation and certain protocol must be followed.

In order to obtain a Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime) one must successfully complete a VHF - Restricted Operator's Certificate Maritime ROC(M) course including the new Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS), Digital Selective Calling (DSC) Endorsement with the Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) System. Our CPS/Industry Canada Recognized instructor/Examiner will provide instruction. Successful completion of this course certifies you for VHF Maritime, MF and SSB Radio.

The DVD that accompanies this course includes a simulator allowing practice using DSC on your home PC or computer as well as practice questions for each chapter and practice exams. It can be played in a CD player to learn the protocol for the Verbal Radio portion and assists with preparation for the exam.

Course Venue

Seba Beach Lake Wabamun - Edmonton Yacht Club

Next Course at Sindbad School of Sailing

By appointment only

Please call 780-953-5174

Course Fee with instruction:


Includes Workbook, CD, Instruction, Exam, Card & Temporary Certificate until Card Is Received from Industry Canada.


There will be a multiple choice written and a verbal exam. A grade of 70% is required to pass this course.

ROC(M) Upgrade - DSC Endorsement Only

For those who have already obtained their ROC(M) and wish to upgrade their endorsement which includes the new GMDSS DSC standards. The course fee for upgrades only is $75.00 and includes the Workbook & DVD, Exam and Card. You are only required to attend for Module 2 and the Review & Exam. You will only be required to write a 25 question exam on Module 2. However we invite you to attend the entire course as a review of previously learned materials. Please provide your original certificate at the time of registration.

Register Early so class sizes can be determined

Once you have registered your course workbook & dvd will be provided upon arrival at the course venue unless you have made arrangements to pick up prior to course start date or have this sent to you in advance.

If you are interested in this certification, please call Paul Kantor @780-953-5174

Course Details


Maritime Mobile Service



Use of Marine Radio

Radio Operation, Word Spelling (Phonetic Alphabet), etc.

Procedural Words and Phrases


Calling Procedure

Simplex and Duplex Operation

Choice of Frequencies

Control of Communication


Distress Communications


Frequencies to be used

Distress Signal

Distress Call

Distress Message - examples

Acknowledging and Relaying a Distress Message

Control of Distress Traffic

Imposition of Silence

Cancellation of Distress

Urgency Communications


Frequencies to be Used

Urgency Signal

Urgency Message

Cancellation of Urgency

Safety Communications


Safety Signal


Distress Simulations

Distress Call and Message

Acknowledgement of Mayday by CG Radio

Distress Relay

Acknowledgement/Assist by other station

Distress Traffic

Impose Silence by Controlling Station

Impose Silence by Another Station

Distress Traffic on Scene

Cancellation of Distress by Controlling Station

Homework Study

Distress Call and Message from a Ship

Acknowledgement by Another Ship

Distress Traffic

Imposition of Silence

Cancellation of Distress

Distress Call and Message

Relay by Another Vessel

Additional Information

Alarm Signals

Radiotelephone Alarm Signal

Navigational Warning Signal

Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)

Emergency Position Indicating Buoy (EPIB)

General Electronic Information

Alternative Radio Services

Module 2: Global Marine Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)

Traditional System




Global Marine Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)

System Overview

GMDSS Basic Concept

GMDSS Regulations and Application

Equipment Requirements

Sea Areas

Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) Number

Digital Selective Calling (DSC) Radios

GMDSS Primary Component

Classes of DSC Radios

DSC Functions

DSC Procedures

Emergency Position Indicating Radiobeacons (EPIRBs)


COSPAS-SARSAT Satellite System

Other GMDSS Equipment

MF DSC Radios

Portable VHF Radios

NAVTEX Receivers

Search and Rescue Transponders (SARTs)

DSC Practical Exercises