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ISPA Competent Crew - Basic Sailing Certificate - Shore Based & On the Water Practicals

International Certificate of Competency - ISPA Competent Crew Basic Sail - Course Details

Upon completion of this course you will have the knowledge to live aboard a sailing vessel in tidal waters as Competent Crew - In an emergency, be able to substitute as skipper - Sail a vessel under 30 ft. where no navigational hazards exist with 5 miles of safe harbour. in daylight hours only and in light to moderate conditions. You will learn crew responsibilities as follows

  • Basic Sailing
  • Points of Sail - taking, gybing, running, reaching, beating
  • Basic keel boat cruising
  • Crewing responsibilities
  • General seamanship
  • Anchoring and docking
  • Emergency  procedures
  • Fundemantal basic knowledge essentials to live aboard a cruisng yacht

Upon completion of both ashore and afloat portions of this course your International logbook records personal standards achieved within the International Certificate of competency program for pleasure craft up to 24 meters, allowing schools, charter boat and delivery companies to ascertain your level of ability. 

The Pleasure Operator Card (PCOC) exam will also be offered to you free of charge if you didn't obtain one as of yet. 

Prerequisites: None, This an entry level course

Ashore Based Theory Portion - ISPA Competent Crew Basic Sail ashore theory portion can be studied in classroom where you will receive two shore based courses for one low price at Grant MacEwan University Edmonton or you may choose a self paced home study correspondence course. Students become better prepared for afloat practical which brings added safety and confidence on the water in the sailboat environment.  This course is combined with the ashore based portion of the  Day Skipper Intermediate Sail Certificate Program  Order texts and logbook when you register for this course (approx 20 hours of home study). Upon completion of this course you are qualified to join us for our West Coast Cruise & Learns.  Register early while berths are available.
Texts/Workbook:  Competent Crew $42.50  Log Book $30.00 + Shipping

Afloat Practical (On The Water) Portion -  Choose an afloat course date that is right for you when your workbook has been completed.  Obtain on the water competency in all of the Competent Crew Sail performance objectives to earn your ISPA Competent Crew Certification. The afloat portion is combined with the afloat portion of the Day Skipper Intermediate Sail Certificate Program

Afloat Practical Portion - Cruise and Learn Course Locations:  Lake Wabamun, West Coast - Nanaimo


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Course #
Dates 2019
CC/DS-18-01 W
April 27 - May 3
  1699.0 Live aboard
CC/DS-18-02 W
to be determined
  1699.0 Live aboard
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CC/DS-18-01 D 
  May 05 - May 11 
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-03 D
 May 12 -  May 18
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-03 D
 May 19  - May 25
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-04 D
 May 26 - June 1
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-05 D 
  June 2 - June 8
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-06 D 
  June 9 - June 15
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-07 D
 June 16 - June 22
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-08 D 
  June 23 - June 29
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-09 D
  June 30 - July 6
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-10 D 
  July 07  - July 13
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-11 D
 July 14   - July 20
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-12 D 
  July 21  - July 27
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-13 D 
  July 28  - August 3
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-14 D 
  August 4 - August 10
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-15 D 
  August 11 - August 17
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-16 D
  August 18 - August 24
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-17 D
  August 25 - August 31
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-18 D 
  Sept 01   -  Sept 07
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-19 D 
  Sept 08   -  Sept 14
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-20 D 
  Sept 15  -  Sept 21
  675.00 weekday
CC/DS-18-21 D 
   Sept 22   -  Sept 28
  675.00 weekday
FC/DS-18-01 W 
  1699.0 Live aboard
FC/DS-18-01 W 
  1699.0 Live aboard

Rates include cost of sailboat, instructor, Personal Floatation Device & Foul Weather Gear (if Required) Advance Reservation and Deposit Required to Reserve Your Date and Order & Review Texts - Advance Study Required

 For West Coast Cruises Max 6 Students Per Boat. 
Lake Wabamun Max 3 Per Boat
Airfare, Texts, Logbook, Applicable Taxes Not Included.
Courses Must Be Paid in Full Prior to Course Date.
Where weather conditions prevent a scheduled course or outing, alternative dates will be provided.

Gift Certificates on Lake Wabamun are available for this course

Deadline to Register: Spring West Coast Cruise & Learn  in Nanaimo by 3 weeks prior departure or until berths last whichever comes first.  Book now if you're planning to go on the Spring Cruise.  Space is limited.

 To Register: Contact Paul Kantor @ 780 953 5174  Questions?  email

Upon obtaining your Day Skipper Certification, by completing the ISPA Competent Crew Basic Sail ISPA Day Skipper Intermediate Sail certificate programs,  the next certifications are Coastal Navigation and Coastal Skipper Advanced Sail . You may also be interested in Lake Wabamun Skipper Excursions.

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